Jan 18, 2009

Yet Another Birthday Celebration

Those of you who knew me well in my younger days would be shocked if I posted the pictures of what I sandwiched between salt and lemon last night at our friends annual infamously wild birthday party, so I'll spare you and my friends the photos, save these two. We had a fun night and hope our friend had a memorable birthday - or at least that he remembers it. ; D

The birthday man...and his aikido buddy.

Us getting ready to leave to catch the last train home and friends kindly insisting we stay longer.


Cat said...

Oh Lord, with me at the picture taking helm, I wouldn't be surprised if those were the only two pictures you could post! What a hot mess I was!

Lisa said...

Yes...the postable photos were seriously only these two, thank you very much. But...at least I have the others for my private viewing, laughing, not-so-seriously regretting it moments. Looking forward to Chuck's next b-day. No one else's seems to get so fun. Ha.