Jan 8, 2009

Keep it Simple.

Dear Lisa and Mashi,
Hello! Thanks!
A Happy New Year!
Party Iwao「OK」 Sachiyo「NG」
Iwao Go!!
Oh! 「11」special day!
♪It is my birthday.♪
I am looking forward to seeing you.
by Iwao.

Great message, I think!  Keep it Simple!  Not only is this the slogan of one of my favorite children's music makers, Super Simple Songs, it is what our friend reminded me of with this e-mail message in which he responded to an invitation to our house this weekend.  

I spend some of my working life trying to teach students to make full, complete, grammatically correct, yet concise sentences - well, I sort of do that.  But, anyway, as you notice, I go on and on and babble and babble and don't always "Keep it Simple!"  

So, thank you Iwao for your nice reminder that simple is not only best, it's more than enough.  Message appreciated and thoroughly understandable! 
11th - Iwao's birthday.  
Simple cake - OK?

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