Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We got back to Japan yesterday, welcomed home by many Christmas cards and gifts in our mail box.  Thank you, everyone!!  We treated ourselves to a plate full of sashimi and sushi and a quiet night on our comfy sofa and Japanese TV.  

The only sport Mashi likes to watch on TV, K-1 fighting, is on every New Year's Eve followed by coverage of the quiet toll of bells from the temples across Japan.  We watched both and fell asleep right away, then woke up to enjoy the ball dropping in NYC.  Bill and Hillary Clinton were there to push the button for the ball. 

One day I hope to be in NYC on New Year's Eve...how about it Emilie - they have a run?  Only 4 miles - we could do it no problem!  Hopefully it won't be as cold as it looked there tonight.  Anyway...Happy New Year everyone!  Pictures from our trip coming soon.

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