Jan 17, 2009

I'm Mickey. I'm a mouse. You're Babe. You're a pig.

Teaching kids the tricky "be" verb has never been so fun!  Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Peter Rabbit, Babe and Snoopy helped a lot.  They have no idea they're learning the "be" verb, of course. But they sure were good at it and enjoyed this activity.

This class was quite a while ago, but I just found these precious photos in the depths of our computer and wanted to share.  They have the "It's.." and "It isn't..." down now, too.  And the new year will bring "He's/He isn't" and "She's/She isn't" into the picture.    Looking forward to more adventures with this always fun, enthusiastic, and attentive class!  

(Hints for my students:  "to have down" means to understand and be able to use, "to bring into the picture" means to have something introduced.  Boy, English idioms are tricky, right?)

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