May 23, 2009

School's back on!

It's been a quiet week here at English Square with no kids classes.  We had to cancel classes for the week because of the decision to close all the local schools due to the influenza scare.  Kids were advised to not go outside and many teachers were out patrolling the streets, parks, etc.  

So while I had some extra time on my hands and didn't feel quite so tired by the time Saturday rolled around, I sure did miss all those cute, smiling  faces coming in the door saying, "Hello!"  

We just got the official word that schools will reopen on Monday, so we're ready for students to come back next week and get back to our regular schedule.  We'll be happy to see them and are sure glad this didn't last more than a week!

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Cat said...

Hey, Hun! Hope the week back is treating you and the students well! I go back on Thursday! I keep forgetting why I am at home on a Tuesday. Oh yeah, isn't there some kind of flu going around... I think I would have felt it more last week, but masks are petering out and I am forgetting the drama that it once was!