Dec 7, 2010

Got Pho?

We got pho, fresh spring rolls, and that yummy leaf right there next to the spoon...couldn't get enough of that. (Not a real food blogger here, so forgive the fact that I'm not giving you real names for herbs here.)
We took a short trip to Vietnam last month and packed in as much food wrapping, noodle slurping and beer sipping as we could. And what made the trip extra special was getting to see friends..well, actually a family whose mother and two adorable kids came for English lessons before moving to Vietnam to join the father who had been transferred there for work.

We spent the day together going sight-seeing at the Mekong River Delta then back to Ho Chi Minh for dinner. We cruised around on a small boat with a lovely Vietnamese woman guiding us, imparting interesting facts in both English and Japanese with a brilliant, sincere smile. How they packed in a coconut candy factory, a bee farm, a fruit orchard, sit-down lunch, and a row boat ride into one afternoon, I'll never know. Our friends daughter entertained us on our boat with some singing and general cuteness that only a 7 year old can muster, the locals on the riverside were even cheering for her.

Mashi got to try the hat as we gathered round and let the kids pose with fruit. It was like spending a day with my own niece and nephew since they're about the same age.
We had such a great day together. (We miss you in Takatsuki, but glad you're so happy with your new life in Vietnam.)

Other than that day, we spent the other time in HCMC checking out some museums and sightseeing spots and trying to cross roads like this.
It was a nice, but short, little adventure.

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Emilie said...

beautiful! and YUMMMMM. xoxo