Apr 10, 2010

Cheery Cherries in Bloom over here!

I haven't blogged since last year (...sorry!) but the beautiful cherries have inspired me.

The day of our spring bbq was perfect, except perhaps for the crowds, but it amazes me how I've gotten used to that over the years. We cooked, ate, took a stroll up through the woods to a nice waterfall and back down under the pink covering with blue sky shining through. Could not have asked for a nicer day. The pictures don't even do it justice, but here are a few...

I can't resist a food note here... Besides the yummy beef and piles of vegetables, we always love grilled "age" (fried tofu blocks) topped with grated ginger, sliced green onions and soy sauce. Our other two favorites are grilled mountain potatoes with butter & salt, wrapped in shiso leaves, and grilled bamboo topped with Japanese pepper leaves. Oh my, did we chow!

After getting more that a bit full, we took a much needed walk. The mountain side was covered with blooming cherry trees and the sound of the river from the ravine provided perfect background music.

Thank you spring for coming!

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Jenni said...

What beautiful pictures. I love spring. We'll be in Indiana next week, I hope the dogwoods are in full bloom.