Oct 12, 2009

Some Posed Pics from Prize Winners to Pumpkins

Announcing the results of the English Square Halloween Festival Costume Contest:

For the 2nd year in a row, the "Family Costume Prize" went to the "K-Clan", only half of whom are pictured here because Dad was busy grilling burgers for everyone, their daughter playing festival games. Three cheers to you for always getting decked-out and always bringing such life to our party! The Brother and Sister Prize went to the "M-siblings" who have come to our party every year, are always so well-behaved, join in every activity, and manage to stay smiling!
"N-chan" got the girl"s prize in a costume her grandmother made for her. Incidentally, the grandmother also made her cousin's costume, pictured here. Nice! and so cute!
And our youngest student, "R-kun", got the boy's prize as this adorable, young Peter Pan. (I wanted to give a beauty prize to his mom who is always impeccably gorgeous, but I think she was happy enough for her son.)
Here are a few other shots I touched up...from some kinder kids,
to some elementary students,
to our oldest group of "kid" students so cute as cats,
up to some parents who made it through a long day of fun in the sun (two of them surviving morning sickness). Moms are tough for sure! Thanks for coming everyone!
We have our biggest event done for the year and are already conjuring up schemes for next year's festival, believe it or not. Grrrr....
Happy Halloween!

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Cat said...

Nice pics, hun! Far cry from the convo in the car ;-) Hope I can be there next year!