Oct 12, 2009

Halloween Festival Fun

Here's what went down at Halloween Festival 2009. Very importantly, there was sunshine...whew! But more importantly, there many happy, costume-wearing, fired-up little festival-goers!

We're all set-up and ready to go..."Yay!!!" we cheered for sunshine, "Yay!" for candy, "Yay!" for games...for hamburgers, for pumkins and perhaps other things I could think of on the spot. "1..2..Yay!"
In our first game corner, my friend Chako got S ready for Ghost Bowling.
Yuka and his big sister, got J ready for the Monster Ring Toss.
Y kept his eyes closed for the ENTIRE round of "Pumpkin Face"
and opened them up nicely for the photo op afterwards...well, sortof. Don't you just love those smile dimples!

Challengers lined up at the Coin Drop Station, without realizing that the nun helping them out was really one of their teachers.
Meanwhile, our tireless volunteers got ready for the hamburger line. N's mom was amazing! She volunteered to help despite bringing three kids with her on her own - one, you can see, she has in her arms while still helping set up. You rock!! Thank you!
The burgers were ready, thanks to our grill master dads who also worked non-stop from morning to evening. And the crowds were ready. Let's eat!
We ended the festival with some jack-o-lantern carving. C's mom got an eye out...of the pumpkin that is.
I even got a chance to carve and enjoyed the memories of my own backyard pumpkin carving days with my family. We always had great holiday times including trick-or-treat nights every year in our neighborhood back home, long, long ago.
We ran out of time and volunteers and had to cut the smores from the schedule, but all in all, I think it was a fun day for our little English Square. Thanks for coming, everyone!

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Emilie said...

such a lovely party, and such beautiful children. Good work, AGAIN, Lisa!