Mar 15, 2009

Kyoko's Wedding Party

My host sister and her husband had their official wedding ceremony last year, a private ceremony at a church in Paris last month, and finally a party with friends last weekend which we happily attended.   

I stayed with this host family when I studied Japanese in Shiga many years ago when their daughters were still students.  They own and run a fantastic mediterranean restaurant in Hikone called Milk House.  (  Now, the older daughter is expecting her first child, and the younger is a full-time chef in the family restaurant.  The parents still work as hard as ever.

The party was at the family restaurant and my host sister reportedly did most of the food preparation herself before slipping into her beautiful wedding dress and being greeted by a room full of friends.  

My host mother made their wedding cake and brought it in from the kitchen.  Covered with a layer of beautiful fresh fruit...light and delicious!
She even prepared a special plate to present their portions on with extra homemade desserts on the side.  Their friends, some from their high school sports clubs, made special presentations of gifts for them, adding to the festivities.  We enjoyed hanging out with their young friends who, though we're years ahead, made us feel young.  (The wine helped a little, too.)  It was a beautiful and yummy evening indeed!

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