Feb 10, 2009

We should glue what?

Just finished my Tuesday night private class with a high-school senior.  He's very bright and getting better and better at English, of course, but in this evening's class we both just had to laugh at his little English blunders.  

Our textbook provides an outline conversation for discussing plans and we worked together to make suggestions on what needs to get done.  So, we picked two plans - one is to travel abroad, the other to try to be more eco-friendly.

First, travel abroad discussion...
Me: We should decide where we want to go.
Student:  Yeah.  That's important.  
Me: So, where do you want to go?
Student: How about America?
Me: Great!  But, America is a big place.  Is there anything you really want to see?
Student: (long pause with pensive face) Angel.
Me: (trying hard to be funny....) Oh.  You want to see an angel?  I don't think America is a good choice then.
Student: (courtesy laugh)  (thinking) ummm....
Me: (bright look on face of instant realization and sheer confidence) OH!  You mean Los Angeles!!
Student: (laughing) No....  (thinking)   Angel.....angel....(bright look on face) The Angel of Liberty!
Me: OH!!!  Her!!  Yeah...we can see her.  New York City it is!

Next plan....let's be more eco-friendly
Me: We should try to remember to take our own bags when we go shopping.
Student: Yeah. That's a good idea.
Me: Do you have any ideas?
Student: We should ....(thinking) plans.....hmmm... g...g...glue
Me: glue?
Student: hmmm...glue ....glue (bright look on face) glue planets!
Me. ....???  glue planets...(gesturing and wondering and trying to get it)
       AAAHHH!  Grow plants!!  (laughing)
Student: (confused face)/ Me: (explaining what glue planets means)
Both: (laughing)

Me: I think that even though you just passed the test and got your driver's license this week, you should NOT drive and only ride your bike, walk, use public transportation...
Student: We don't need that.  (half smirking)
Me: (trying to remember how exciting it was to be able to drive) Yeah...I was just joking.
See you next week.

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