Dec 8, 2008

Yummy Autumn Food with Friends

Some friends joined me for an all-girls weekend eating extravaganza.  We are all married with no kids, two of us from the US with Japanese husbands, two Japanese with husbands from the US/Canada, all English teachers/small school owners. We all love to eat and talk and relax and had a great weekend together.  Thanks girls!  

Our first stop...grilled scallops and oysters just after getting off the train. 

After a bit..a very little bit of hiking, we enjoyed a full-course seafood dinner and healthy Japanese breakfast at the hotel..all served in our room in between trips to the hot springs.

Finally, we stopped for special Japanese sweets on our way to the beautiful, serene, (very crowded and a bit rainy) World Heritage Site, Ise Shrine.  

This trip was made possile by my master trip-planner, Mashi.  He's a pro at organizing vacations and spent a lot of time on this one for us wives...Thanks, hon!


Emilie said...

what a great trip. I'm really jealous. You look beautiful!
(Hi Mashi!)

Lisa said...

Emilie, you would have loved doing this trip with us. friend smelling the grilled oyster is the one who follows your blog. She just started her own if you want to check it out..