May 2, 2011

Happy Spring

Spring came to the mountainside where I love to roam and made it pinkish for a stretch. Lovely it was!
As was the park...

And now it's mid-spring and I think Japan should lay claim to dogwood season somehow. They're everywhere and just BEAUTIFUL!
Don't you think?
Since I have the luxury of having a long vacation during Japan's "Golden Week" I decided to take a nice long run, snap some photos of the other lovelies of the season and actually sit down to write a short blog post. Actually...all you get is some floral photos, but pictures speak louder than words sometimes. Enjoy...

Happy Spring! Next floral season to look forward to comes with rainy season, but we take it cause it brings amazing hydrangeas. Perhaps I'll post again then. :D Sorry it had been so long.

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