Nov 28, 2008

Off I go into the blogging world...again... already have writers block. Just kidding! I have been wanting to start this blog so many times, on so many occasions, after being inspired by so many thoughts and blog ideas, so it's finally time to get this launched. I tried a few year ago on our original blog page, but realized none of my family or friends had been reading and gave up. This time, I'll use this site since it can be accessed in English...sorry about the confusing Japanese blog home on our first try.

I'll start with a bit of a warning...I am overly crazy about my little niece Skyler, so if you see me stealing photos from her mom Emilie's amazing blog ( and putting them here shamelessly, I apologize. I can see her cute little face peering out from behind my blog screen on my screensaver as I write. She has no idea how much she's loved from half way around the world.

I have to make a commitment to this thing this time. I'll try my best even though Mashi seems better at getting posts out there. I wish my family could read Japanese and understand the simple joy that are Mashi's posts...but can at least see the photos he choses and now I'll try to write more often. the next post, let me backtrack a bit in to the last few months....
Wish me luck!

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